The Grand Demon Saga is a 2D fantasy action-adventure, focused on real-time combats, puzzleelements, a highly interactive environment and the possibility to controll all intelligent beeings in the gameworld.

An AI-system let angry NPCs chaseing you - or call for help...but you can hide yourself from their field of vision - or just switch to another creature, so that your last possessed creature must handle the trouble. 
In future updates NPCs will stronger interact with their environment (collect and use weapons/equipment, extinguish fire, operate switches etc.) and many other creatures are planed - with unique abilities (e.g. shoot poisonous needles, breath fire or frost etc.) and you will controll all of them!

Highly interactive environment. Nearly every object is destroyable (much more easier, if you have the proper equipment), many objects are moveable and a "burning-system" let you ignite most NPCs and objects - and the flames will spread.
For future updates is an electrical-mechanic also planed.
Castles, temples and ruins are filled with trasures or switches, traps and other machines. Many more interactive objects and items are planned!

And the underworld serves as a hub, enterable by a portal, to transport NPCs, weapons and other stuff from one level to another. This allows highly experimental level-solving!